Lingo Offers Flat-Rate Calls to Asia

Lingo's VOIP offerings now include unlimited dialing to Asian countries for $34.95.

Lingo, the consumer-scale VOIP service of Primus Telecommunications Inc., has upped the ante one more time by launching an all-you-can-dial plan that includes Asian countries. The announcement follows its June offer of unlimited $19.95-per-month calling to North America and Western Europe, and its August offer of DID (direct inward dial) numbers from international cities, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, Taiwan.

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Lingos "Unlimited Asia" plan covers Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. in addition to China, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. It also offers unlimited calls to all of North America.

Free for an introductory month, the service runs $34.95 per month thereafter. The offer includes a local U.S. number and can be combined with additional "international universal numbers,"—those DIDs mentioned above. Small-business plans under the Lingo brand offer unlimited calls to North America and Western Europe and a separate fax line for $49.95, but calls to other regions are metered at VOIP discount rates. For $99.95, the "Unlimited International Business" plan includes unlimited calls to South America and other destinations, but similarly meters calls to Asia.

The Asia plan, like all other Lingo plans, comes with a host of Web-configured call handling and voice mail features.

AS a pre-VOIP carrier with divisions and networks on several continents, Primus Telecom is particularly well-positioned to extend its consumer VOIP offering further than startup companies.

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