Linux Cluster Startup Secures $3M Funding

Terascala, a Linux company with a new blade-based clustering approach, receives funding from Ascent Venture Partners. (Linux-Watch)

Terascala, a startup developing a next-generation Linux storage cluster architecture, announced March 1 that it has secured $3 million in first-round funding from Ascent Venture Partners.

The companys initial product offering is "powerful, efficient, managed computing and storage Blades."

Each blade contains eight hot-swappable 500GB or 750GB disk drives, hardware RAID, an AMD Opteron multicore processor, and high-performance network connections.

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All together, 150TB (terabytes) of data storage can be configured in a single industry-standard rack, with over 50 racks or 7500TB supported in a single cluster.

Besides a high density of storage, the company is also working on power efficiency in a common architecture. The blade cluster architecture is designed for high-performance computing, Web 2.0, and server virtualization applications.

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