LogMeIn Adds IT Automation to LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn adds its One2Many IT automation tool to its LogMeIn Central management console to allow managers to install software and run commands on remote computers.

LogMeIn unveiled a new IT automation tool for its LogMeIn Central Web-based remote access platform on Oct. 12. With LogMeIn Central's ability to access computers in and outside the organization's network, IT managers can manage remote computers without making site visits.

The new One2Many tool allows IT admins using LogMeIn products to define and run a wide range of IT management tasks, including patch management, installing software and running scripts.

"This is something our users are already doing, and users tell us they are wasting 20 hours, 10 hours, 5 hours to do this," said Andrew Burton, LogMeIn's vice president of access and management.

IT admins define a process or task they want to accomplish, such as installing software, and with a click of the mouse, can apply the tasks to all the devices on the network, said Burton. This saves time, as well as reduces the IT department's costs, he said.

One2Many is not just another patch management tool, although it can be used as one, according to Burton. It is designed to be flexible and capable of doing anything the IT manager would normally do manually or on-site, such as installing, removing and updating software; distributing patches, files and updates; executing scripts and remote commands; and running batch files, he said. IT admins can choose to work with all the devices or only select machines.

With One2Many, IT departments can also create custom packages and update registry settings for advanced management, the company said in a statement.

With LogMeIn Central, IT managers can skip site visits and remotely access and manage all the computers belonging to the organization. Users can also access the office PC while out of the office using LogMeIn technology.

The new version of LogMeIn Central "paired together" remote desktop management and IT automation, said Burton.

More than computers, LogMeIn Central allows IT managers to access and manage Internet-connected devices other than computers, such as kiosks, mobile devices and jumbo displays at stadiums, according to Burton. "Some IT person is responsible for supporting these," he said, and "our users now have access to manage them without going to each stadium."

LogMeIn Central's ability to access devices that are not on the VPN or LAN means IT managers don't have to care where the physical device is. With One2Many, they can automate their management tasks without worrying about what kind of Internet connectivity the device has, said Burton.

The new LogMeIn Central with One2Many is available as a free upgrade to current LogMeIn Central customers or for $299 per year for an unlimited number of users and machines running the LogMeIn remote access software.

The company, which went public last year, competes against Citrix, with its GoToMyPC offering, and Symantec, with its pcAnywhere software. The basic PC version, LogMeIn Free, is available for free, or users can upgrade to LogMeIn Pro2, the premium version. A $30 version allows users to upload photos, presentations and other files from the computer to Apple's iPhone and iPad.

LogMeIn is currently being sued by 01 Communique Laboratory for infringing on remote access patents.