LogRhythm's Toolset Combines Power, Ease of Use

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LogRhythm's Toolset Combines Power, Ease of Use

by P. J. Connolly

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LogRhythm's Dashboard View

The data processed by LogRhythm can be displayed in an easily configured dashboard view; color-coding by time is available for events.

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Investigations Made Easy

LogRhythms Investigator tool displays parsed log data as well as the complete contents of the log entry, making it possible to ferret out important details that may not be immediately apparent.

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LogRhythm's Console Sifts Data Efficiently

LogRhythm allows the filtering of log messages based on a wide range of categories, classifications and the contents of the message itself; these can be done through regular expressions as well as conventional data operators.

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LRX2 as Seen from Rear

From the rear, the LRX2 looks like any other server; LogRhythm recommends dedicating one network interface to the Log Manager functions, and reserving another for the Event Managers use.

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LRX2, Under the Hood

This view of the LRX2s internals demonstrates the essential ordinariness of the hardware; theres nothing in here that you cant find in any comparable 2U server.

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LRX2 from the Front

The LogRhythm appliances ship with a locking plastic fairing thats meant to discourage tampering with the hardware once its mounted in a rack or cabinet.

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