Lumigent Data-Auditing Product Leverages IBM DB2

Lumigent Audit DB provides IBM customers with comprehensive database monitoring and auditing.

Database auditing vendor Lumigent Technologies announced the availability Feb. 20 of a new product that will leverage IBM DB2 across numerous systems.

Lumigent Audit DB enables IBM customers to both audit the DB2 data server and use DB2 as an enterprise-wide repository for Audit DB audit data from systems such as Oracle databases, Sybase ASE and Microsoft SQL Server in order to provide comprehensive database monitoring and auditing.

"Thats a strong addition to the DB2 platform," said Roger Hodskins, vice president of marketing for Lumigent, based in Acton, Mass.

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In addition, Audit DBs policy and monitoring capabilities address issues related to privacy, data security and the PCI (payment card industry) Data Security Standard to ensure that sensitive data is not compromised, Lumigent officials said. With Audit DB, customers can find any data-related anomalies and map out their data security policies, Hodskins said.

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DB2 also leverages company resources with broad support for open standards and popular development platforms like J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) and Microsoft .Net, and the DB2 family includes solutions tailored for specific needs like business intelligence and advanced data management tools.

Lumigent Audit DB for IBM DB2 continues Lumigents existing relationship with IBM. An active member of the IBM Data Governance Council, Lumigent is one of nearly 50 companies, institutions and technology solution providers dedicated to developing technologies and methods to help the industry better protect critical data.

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