MemDrives Shaky Deal

Accessing files on your system over the Internet is hardly rocket science.

Accessing files on your system over the Internet is hardly rocket science. Microsofts Web Publishing Wizard can make any folder sharable over the Web, and more experienced users can easily install free Web servers such as Apache or FTP servers such as War FTP.

So just what is the value proposition for Memoras $49.95 MemDrive? It is a very simple way to access files on a system over the Internet. Once the application, which runs on Windows and Mac OS, is installed, selected directories can be accessed through any browser, making it simple to upload or download files.

However, Web and FTP servers are almost as easy to use for the same chores. These applications can present security problems, but MemDrive doesnt add any special security measures, not even a secure connection log-in to protect your user name and password.

Conversely, it is a very simple matter to configure any standard Web server to use a Secure Sockets Layer connection for log-ins and file transfers.

Memora provides users with a unique domain name ending with, which is free for the first year and $35 annually after that. However, I found that I could access the MemDrive by entering the system IP address at port 8080 in my browser.

MemDrive is a nice option for quick-and-dirty file transfers where a user may not want to keep a server up and running a long time. However, its lack of features when going head-to-head with free and more robust options makes even its small price hard to accept.