MERU E(z)RF Service Assurance Monitors WLAN Performance

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MERU E(z)RF Service Assurance Monitors WLAN Performance

by Andrew Garcia

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Health Check Status

Admins can quickly scan health check performance against the baseline results. When setting up the health check, admins designate the bad and fair thresholds as a percentage of baseline performance.

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Tale of Two Sweeps

Two sweeps with dramatically different results, showing the detailed report of the imapct a single in-use microwave oven can have on network performance.

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Troubleshooting Errors

Detail logs can help troubleshoot problems around the network. Here we see the results of antenna problems on one AP.

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DHCP Troubleshooting

Although other tools in the network management arsenal likely do this already, the Software Assurance module can also diagnose network DHCP issues.

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Adminstrators can sift through log reports to isolate the client AP and servicing AP in a faltering connection.

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Administrators can attach a floormap to the Network Manager module enable the visualization tools within the Service Assurance Module.

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Clone Baselines

Health checks will run the same checks as done in the baseline. To limit what networks are tested in a sweep, I needed to clone a baseline to be able to de-select APs or ESSIDs.

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