Merus AP320i wireless access point

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Merus AP320i wireless access point

Meru's latest AP320i access point, the first of its new i-Series suite of APs, provides high-speed performance for 802.11n at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, while supporting legacy a/b/g devices. Built on Meru??s virtual cell architecture, this is the company??s most technologically advanced AP. It provides wireless service to enterprises with 99.99 percent availability and toll-quality VOIP assurance in a low-profile design with integrated antennas that support both wall and ceiling mounts. The new i-Series combines high-performance functionality, reliability and predictability in an unobtrusive form

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F5s BIG-IP Edge Gateway

BIG-IP Edge Gateway from F5 is a remote-access solution that delivers LAN-speed application performance for remote and mobile workers. The product integrates access optimization, site-to-site security and application acceleration for remote users. The device can support up to 600 log-ins per second and up to 40,000 concurrent users, letting organizations scale cost-effectively as their mobile workforce grows. With the visual policy editor, users can create secure and granular access-control policies on an individual or group basis, which can help cut CapEx and OpEx costs up to 75 percent. The product also lets remote users access applications up to 10 times faster than without

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Veeras Rapid Insight

Rapid Insight from Veera, a desktop reporting and analysis application, enables users to access data from several different formats and sources.With its graphical interface, users can build and modify reports, create data marts and generate analytic datasets with drag-and-drop capabilities.Instead of having to save multiple iterations of data, users can save a visual data process, which can be run, scheduled, modified and shared. The software can run as a 64-bit or 32-bit

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Tripwares OutBook

Tripware's travel software now lets users plan, book and manage business trips directly from Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010. Combining elements of Microsoft Outlook, Orbitz, TripIt and WorldMate, Tripware OutBook helps companies save money and time because all business travel can be handled with one tool, one profile and one itinerary. By using Tripware??s software, companies don??t need online travel agents, travel search engines and itinerary consolidators. In addition to Tripware OutBook, options include an admin arranger app, licensing and

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Net Optics Director Pro

The Director Pro Fabric Access Switch from Net Optics is the first network access software that lets users prefilter data by deep-packet inspection of network traffic, which optimizes the performance of security and monitoring tools. Designed for enterprise data centers, cloud computing providers and telecommunication operators, Director Pro adds to the features of Net Optics Director by including deep-packet inspection, dynamic load balancing and bidirectional port configuration. The Director Pro supports both 1G and 10G network links on the same platform, and can monitor and provide in-line access to the network on all ports. Director Pro??s bidirectional filtering permits the highest port density available today. In the case of port failure, its hot spare port will take over another port??s packet monitoring, so that Director Pro never loses

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Sybase Mobile Sales and Mobile Workflow

Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM and Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite extend the capabilities of SAP Business Suite applications. Built on the mobile infrastructure of the Sybase Unwired Platform, these mobile solutions provide SAP customers with an out-of-the-box solution for mobilizing their SAP applications, while providing them with the flexibility to customize and expand the solution to meet their business needs. It can be customized to tap into a variety of back-end data sources, including databases, Web services, files and any enterprise application that leverages service-oriented architecture. Using this software, enterprise workers can access full-featured, business process-driven applications and valuable data assets beyond the networked office, so they can make informed and timely business decisions at any time, wherever they

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DeviceLocks DeviceLock v6.4.1

DeviceLock v6.4.1 is a centrally managed endpoint software solution designed to enforce peripheral PC port and device access policy, while providing auditing and shadow copy options that track on- and off-line device usage.Security administrators can dynamically use Microsoft Active Directory GPOs (Group Policy Objects) and/or central DeviceLock consoles to manage distributed DeviceLock agents that control local policies for removable devices, mobile phones, PDAs?ö?ç?even print channel access. This new version of the software delivers interface-independent control over local data synchronizations between iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices and corporate endpoint computers like employee desktops and laptops. It also adds phase-one BlackBerry device type support including device presence detection, access control and logging. DeviceLock v6.4.1 also features Windows 7

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HP Scanjet Enterprise 7000n

Designed to improve and simplify document workflows, the HP Scanjet Enterprise 7000n Document Capture Workstation is a shared, A4 sheet-feed document capture solution for IT-managed large workgroups and enterprise customers. Offering robust security capabilities, the workstation can convert a variety of privileged hard copy documents into electronic workflows. It allows users to share and send digital files with 10/100 gigabit networking, and has flexible digital delivery options including sending to network folders, e-mail, thumb drive and

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Composite Softwares Composite Discovery

Composite Discovery, from Composite Software, is designed to let IT and business professionals work closely together to accelerate the requirement gathering and data validation processes. It is said to provide a simple, fast way to find and explore enterprise data, and prepare the models needed in downstream data integration and application development processes. In addition to finding the data, it automatically ??discovers?? critical relationships across the data and generates an integrated data model. The model allows users to access and show live data, making it easier for IT professionals to validate business requirements with users. Finally, users can refine the model by adding and filtering data, then transferring it to the data integration environment or other consuming

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Gizmox Visuals Visual WebGui 6.4

Visual WebGui, from Gizmox Visual, is said to be the first open-source AJAX-empowered RIA/cloud development and deployment platform to extend desktop power to the Internet and cloud atop standard .NET. Visual WebGui is designed to allow users to build powerful, rich and fast enterprise-class applications using control and theme designers?ö?ç?in addition to the drag-and-drop visual form designer?ö?ç?and to deploy to the Web or cloud as AJAX-empowered or Silverlight applications. The company claims that developing Web applications with Visual WebGui requires no learning curve for Windows developers who feel more at home programming in Visual Basic, C# and other desktop native programs, potentially cutting development time by up to 90

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RackSwitch G8000

Designed for data center airflow (front-to-rear or rear-to-front cooling), Blade's RackSwitch G8000 promises to reduce the need for extra cooling devices, cut costs and improve MTBF (mean time between failures).Simplifying server deployment and management, the G8000 enables IT organizations to consolidate many 1G connections to a couple of 10G uplinks.The product includes redundant power supplies for power efficiency and extra

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CoreMedia V

CoreMedia's CoreMedia V is a Web content management suite that provides a platform for organizations to manage their digital communications. The modular suite is designed to remove some of the barriers that lead to poor cross-channel experiences for Web users by allowing organizations to support efficient content development and a consistent customer experience across a wider range of channels?ö?ç?mobile/smart phones, social media sites, PCs, etc.?ö?ç?while still providing a consistent online experience that engages customers through personalization and

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