Motorola Hopes N Is in Sight

New WLAN gear offers a peek into the future of the all-wireless enterprise.

Motorola joined the 802.11n parade March 11 with the release of WLAN switches to support the company's vision of an all-wireless enterprise.

The 802.11n standard, which is still in draft stages, promises speeds of up to four times faster than those of 802.11a/b/g and works over much longer distances.

While the 802.11n standard has not been finalized, and may not be for some time, wireless developers are confident businesses can buy now without fear of any hardware changes when the standard is ultimately approved.

Cisco, Nortel, D-Link, Meru Networks and Colubris Networks have already introduced 802.11n gear.

Motorola executives said the company's new RFS6000 switch would support up to 48 wireless access ports and the access point (AP-7131) would have three radios. The switch is capable of providing Wi-Fi access for up to 2,000 users and eliminates the need to run separate voice and data cables to each enterprise user.

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