NAI Enters Professional Services Arena

Drawing on its security and networking background, NAI is offering services and educational courses.

Fresh from a long effort to trim its considerable product line, Network Associates Inc. on Tuesday made a big move toward finding other revenue streams by jumping into the professional services arena.

Known as Network Associates Expert Services, the companys new offerings will draw on its background in security and networking to give customers services and educational courses related to Network Associates products. There are three core offerings: Expert Network Services, Expert Security Services and Expert Educational Services.

The security services range from system design and assessment to deployment and emergency response. The network group will offer packaged and custom services for network assessment, design, product deployment and emergency response for network outages.

The educational services are a set of courses offered through the companys McAfee University and Sniffer University training programs.

"Todays network and security problems cant be solved by product alone," said Rick Brown, senior vice president of Network Associates Expert Services, based in Santa Clara, Calif.

The move into the professional services market is a departure for Network Associates, which has traditionally relied almost exclusively on product sales. That strategy began to change last year when CEO George Samenuk took over the reins and started paring down the companys broad product line.

NAI last October announced plans to eliminate its PGP Security division and has since sold a large portion of that divisions assets to a new company called PGP Corp.; the other products were either folded into other divisions or sold to other companies.

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