Net Neutrality Debate Ends Up Back in Court

Hey there, here are your top news stories from eWEEK. Today’s topics include the net neutrality debate ending up back in court, and Azure API Management gaining preview support for OpenAPI Specification v3.

Advocates for both sides of the net neutrality debate met in a Washington courtroom for over five hours on Feb. 1 to argue the FCC’s classification of the internet. A three-judge federal panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit heard oral arguments about whether the FCC had acted properly when it had reclassified ISPs under Title II of the Communications Act in 2017.

Previously in 2015, the FCC had changed the classification of ISPs from Title II, as an information service, to Title I, a telecommunications service.

A group of plaintiffs, ranging from advocacy groups, content providers led by Mozilla and 22 state attorneys general, argued that the FCC had been wrong when it changed the classification. During the hearing, the court appeared to be divided in how it viewed the arguments from each side.

Microsoft’s Azure API Management now has preview support for the latest OpenAPI Specification v3 standards, giving developers more tools to build and share their needed APIs.

The preview support was announced by Mike Budzynski, program manager for Azure Integration Services, who said that OpenAPI Specification v3 is the latest version of the broadly used open-source standard for describing APIs. Implementation of this feature is based on the OpenAPI.NET Software Development Kit.

The OpenAPI Specification is backed so far by about 30 companies, including Microsoft, as a widely adopted industry standard for the creation of software APIs. Budzynski said that "[the] OpenAPI Specification lets you abstract your APIs from their implementation," making them portable and easy to adapt for other purposes.