Netegrity Server Expands E-Biz Resource Defenses

Netegrity Inc. is rolling out software to aid companies in securely managing e-business activities.

Netegrity Inc. is rolling out software to aid companies in securely managing e-business activities.

The Waltham, Mass., company last week formally announced the launch of its Netegrity Interaction Server 5.1 portal server, the first of four products to be released that will comprise its Secure Relationship Management platform. Separately, Netegrity late last month made available the latest version of its online transactional security software, SiteMinder 5.0.

Interaction Server 5.1 has SiteMinder security built in, protecting resources managed by Interaction Server, including portlets, documents, folders and topics. Managers can control access to e-business applications and provide single sign-on and personalization, Netegrity officials said. They also can control installation, customization and maintenance of the portal; delegate portal responsibilities and management to others in the organization; and manage remote portals. In addition, Interaction Server 5.1 adds rapid development capabilities, including a wizard, to design portlets and work spaces without programming skills.

This is the first release of Interaction Server since Netegritys acquisition last year of portal vendor DataChannel Inc., which created the original technology.

Design, Build, Own and Operate Inc., known as DBO2, uses the former DataChannel Server product to host its software for the construction industry in a Web portal. CEO Barry Nelson said the level of security and authentication Interaction Server 5.1 provides far exceeds what DBO2 can offer now. "When you have multiple companies accessing multiple sets of applications, you need that," said Nelson, in Redwood City, Calif. "We need two or three different levels of security requirements, and this lets us do it. You could try to build your own security, but it would be like doing brain surgery."

Version 5.0 of SiteMinder adds new management tools of its own. It also expands access control to support real-time e-business transactions and for accessing and using Web services.

A new technology called eTelligent Rules lets administrators define sources of security information necessary to approve a transaction. They can also access remote, third-party XML-based Web services, such as credit score or identity verification services, to add to this information.

SiteMinder components and agents can be viewed and managed centrally. This version adds new tools for policy management and new reports.