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AirMagnet Enterprise carries on the company's tradition of technology excellence, which makes it the cream of the crop of the networking and management products entered in this year's program.


AirMagnet Inc.
AirMagnet Enterprise 5.0

AirMagnet Enterprise carries on the companys tradition of technology excellence, which makes it the cream of the crop of the networking and management products entered in this years program.

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With AirMagnet sensors placed strategically throughout the wireless network coverage area, network managers have an always-on 802.11a/b/g intrusion prevention system that can show where wireless rogue access points are located.

From its hand-carried sensors all the way up to this enterprise-class security solution—a combination of server software and radio sensors that can locate and block rogue wireless access points—AirMagnet continues to set the pace for thinking creatively about wireless management while executing on workable products to help IT managers.

Wireless management is a fiercely competitive segment, and the Excellence judges acknowledge the role that AirMagnet and its challengers play in pushing technical developments forward. Developments in 2004 presaged what will no doubt be equally aggressive advances in wireless monitoring and management in the coming year.

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Packet Design Inc.
Route Explorer/EIGRP Edition 3.0

The combination of real-time topology information about complex networks that use Cisco Systems Inc.s EIGRP and route simulation to assess proposed network changes makes for a potent blend of functions in a network management tool.

Packet Designs (www. Route Explorer/EIGRP Edition appliance monitors EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) exchanges to catch changes in topology.

The product also provides basic, must-have information to network engineers, such as a list of all routers in the network and the version of Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) being used.

Visual Networks Inc.
Visual UpTime Select 1.1

Visual UpTime Select is a hardware/software combination that collects real-time application performance and availability information.

The product gives enterprise network managers insight into applications based on traffic flows between clients and servers, thus providing a solid base for planning, troubleshooting, and even monitoring worm and virus outbreaks.

Excellence judges this year saw the emergence of deep-packet inspection tools, and Visual UpTime deserves praise for its focus on ensuring that applications meet user expectations without adding a big burden to network management tasks.

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