Networking Monitor Savvius Improves Visibility into Network Apps

Integrated network and application awareness platform gives admins focused on network continuity real-time visibility into 24/7 business data movement.


Savvius, which has specialized in making networking operations instrumentation for nearly three decades, May 8 unveiled a new version of its frontline product that gives enterprises the ability to more effectively analyze and control network traffic generated by key business applications.

Spotlight 2.0 can monitor a list of SaaS applications–including Office 365, Salesforce, Citrix and others–and custom applications written by in-house application teams. New user-defined dashboards in the platform allow IT professionals to view, in real time, the network segments or traffic types of greatest interest and then, if desired, drill down to packet-level analytics.

In addition, Savvius said, Spotlight 2.0’s performance has been enhanced over previous versions, achieving more than 35 Gbps in a 1U appliance with four 10G interfaces.

The changes in Version 2.0 improve Spotlight’s ability to assemble every packet of monitored network traffic into data streams that are analyzed in real time. Spotlight 2.0, with the ability to monitor SaaS apps, now enables users to define, name and have a network view of any application, including custom applications, that can be uniquely identified by a combination of port, protocol and server IP address.

The Walnut Creek, Calif.-based company said the new application identification can be combined with a more flexible filter capability to create an unlimited number of simple-to-define dashboards, allowing users to rapidly alter their views to the location or type of network traffic of interest.

New features not available to network admins previously include:

  • flexible application analytics for monitoring and troubleshooting of custom and SaaS-based applications;
  • highly configurable, independent dashboard panels that display content by geographic regions, application type, application latency, worst conversation and others;
  • additional information about worst TCP and VoIP quality, such as connections refused, retransmissions, zero window, worst jitter and others;
  • added ability to save filters and add “and/or” definitions;
  • heavily updated status and preferences sections covering file indexing, packet storage and others; and
  • increased analytics from five streams to 10 streams, ideal for long-term ELK baselining and trend analysis.

“When we launched Spotlight in 2017, our objective was to reimagine what monitoring could achieve in terms of speed and actionable visibility,” Savvius Senior Director of Products Jay Botelho said in a media advisory. “This latest version of Spotlight delivers a level of performance, functionality and customizability previously unavailable to network teams.”

Savvius Spotlight 2.0 will ship worldwide this quarter in new versions of the Savvius Omnipliance Ultra and the dedicated ultra-high-performance standalone 1U Savvius Spotlight Appliance.

For more information about Savvius Spotlight, Omnipliance Ultra, and the Savvius Spotlight Appliance, go here.

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