New Management Products Arrive at Interop

One, from Stampede, aims to ease the administrator's workload, while the other, from Uplogix, seeks to make things easier for the support staff.

NEW YORK—Two companies here at Interop are announcing products that are aimed at making life easier for network managers.

One, from Stampede, aims to ease the administrators workload, while the other, from Uplogix, seeks to make things easier for the support staff.

Stampede Technologies is shipping its Application On-Demand client technology.

This product streamlines Stampedes acceleration technology by downloading the client as an Active-X control.

This allows Web sites and other online applications to deliver accelerated content without the need to install client software first.

According to Stampedes Director of Marketing Keith Vozel, the client, in concert with its central server at the data center, can improve speeds from four to 10 times over applications that are not accelerated.


"Once you connect to the application, it downloads the client," said Vozel.

He said that currently, the acceleration only works with Internet Explorer; however, he did add that support for Firefox and other browsers is planned for the future.

Vozel also said that non-IE browsers can download the Stampede client and still have all of the benefits of acceleration, but it just wouldnt happen on demand.

Easing the management load in the data center is the aim of Uplogix, which has begun shipping Envoy Network Resource Manager 3.0.

The new appliance offers active and secure management of network devices in an enterprise environment.

The updates include a new hardware platform, IP telephony management, network security and compliance enforcement.

According to the company, the process is highly integrated, and a number of functions can be set to take care of problems automatically.

The management data is gathered serially, and according to the company, allows in-depth insight of the network and the installed devices.


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Wayne Rash

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