No Phone Bills With ooma

Review: ooma's unique VOIP service lets users pay $399 once and then make unlimited calls without ever paying a monthly bill again.

So how much would it be worth to someone to completely do away with the monthly phone bill and never have to pay for phone calls ever again? According to a company called ooma, it's worth around $399.

That's because ooma is offering a unique Voice Over Internet Protocol proposition. Users purchase a ooma hub device for $399 and then can make unlimited calls in the United States without ever paying a monthly bill again.

I had the opportunity to test out the ooma service for the last few weeks and have mostly been impressed with their offering. Along with the standard phone service it provides a built-in second line that allows for two simultaneous calls and has very good voice mail features.

Probably the biggest drawback to ooma is the requirement for extra scout units to enable service to every phone in your home or office. The initial purchase includes one scout so two phones can hook up counting the hub and the one scout but additional scouts would need to be purchased for each extra phone.

While ooma is certainly attractive for home use I think the area where it is most attractive is in SOHO and small business environments. In these environments being able to pay a onetime nominal fee and then have no monthly bills is an excellent option and the business telecom features of the ooma hubs and scouts are a plus.

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