OneTouch AT

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OneTouch AT

The OneTouch AT has three buttons, only one of which a network technician needs to push to kick off a comprehensive set on wireless and wireline network infrastructure tests.

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Top View

My test unit came with two copper ports, two empty slots for optional optical interfaces and an active wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n adapter.

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Right Side

This view shows from top to bottom: Secure Digital (SD) card slot, micro-USB, USB and headphone jack.

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Left Side

Seen from top to bottom are the RJ45 management port and AC power.

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Optional Multi-Format Media Adapter

Capture and report data can be stored on this multi-format media adapter.

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Optional Directional Antenna

The directional antenna and locating application can help track down access points.

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It's All Good

Here you see a good test result. The entire test was run in about one minute.

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Something's Wrong

Here, the email server is not responding. The red bar at the top of the screen is a further hint the OneTouch AT has detected a problem.

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Test Warning

Domain Name System (DNS) lookup for the email server failed, which resulted in the failed test warning.

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Adding Tests

Here are the tests that can be added to test profiles.

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Pinging the Network

Here you see the Ping test configuration screen and parameters.

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Test Address

Setting up a test address.

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Test Results

Here you see wireless connection test results.

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WiFi Analysis

Here you see the results of a basic WiFi network analysis test.

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WiFi Drilldown

Here you can see the systems connected to a particular AP and the relative signal strength.

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WiFi Signal Strength

The OneTouch AT can provide real-time signal information.

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FTP transfer

Here you see that tests can be configured in a sophisticated manner such that while this FTP file transfer test was completed, the test time exceeds my time parameters.

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