OpenText Metastorm Gets Social with BPM Suite Upgrade

OpenText's Metastorm unit delivered a new version of its business process management software suite, including new dashboards and social collaboration tools.

OpenText's Metastorm unit has announced the release of Version 9.1 of the Metastorm business process management software suite.

Baltimore-based Metastorm is a provider of BPM, BPA (business process analysis) and EA (enterprise architecture) software for business transformation. Metastorm also announced the release of Version 9.0 of Metastorm Smart Business Workspace and Metastorm's new Business Performance Intelligence Dashboards. The new capabilities in this release enable organizations to take the lessons learned from social media and apply them to business processes-allowing organizations to drive greater business productivity and improvement, the company said.

Key features include enhanced social BPM capabilities that help to facilitate collaborative process design and instant collaboration on specific work items for faster, improved resolution, as well as the ability to find colleagues fast with individual user profiles searchable by user's skills. The new version of the Metastorm suite also offers enhanced design features that support the development of more dynamic applications for improved usability, higher user productivity and rapid global deployment. And the new Metastorm Business Performance Intelligence Dashboards are easily personalized graphical dashboards to facilitate data analysis for informed decision making across the Metastorm Business Transformation Platform.

"Our latest versions of Metastorm BPM and Metastorm Smart Business Workspace apply the concepts of connecting today's knowledge workers by leveraging social networking and social collaboration tools in a way that offers a highly personalized user experience," Greg Carter, chief technology officer and executive vice president of Metastorm, said in a statement. "This results in faster, easier access to information anytime and anywhere. The addition of the Metastorm Business Process Intelligence dashboards further strengthens our ability to offer our customers the resources to make smart, informed business decisions and drive meaningful change across the enterprise."

Carter said the product enhancements help enterprises implement business process improvement initiatives by enabling them to become more engaged and productive. And the product's social collaboration tools not only support collaboration but also help employees find other people within their organization with specific skill sets required to help them complete their work. Companies can also route work to the most appropriate employee based on individual skills and workload, Metastorm officials said.

"The latest release of Metastorm BPM and Metastorm Smart Business Workspace and addition of the Metastorm Business Process Intelligence dashboards confirms Metastorm's commitment to investing in product innovation, exploring new solutions and the ability to make great strides to achieve our product roadmap post-merger with OpenText," Robert Caldwell, general manager of the Metastorm business unit at OpenText, said in a statement. "We are excited to offer our customers these enhanced solutions to help them achieve their business goals and vision."

Caldwell also noted that the Metastorm platform helps organizations close the gap between strategy and execution and gain the visibility, planning, management, agility and insight needed to make the right business improvements. With Metastorm, OpenText offers the most comprehensive platform for change for an organization-from the strategy and goals that drive the business, to the day-to-day systems, processes and people that run it, to the content needed to make the best business decisions, he said.