Pervasive Acquires ThinkNet Technology

Pervasive will add the data security and auditing technology to its Pervasive.SQL embedded database.

Pervasive Software Inc. has acquired data security and auditing technology that it will add to its Pervasive.SQL embedded database, the company announced Tuesday.

Pervasive, of Austin, Texas, purchased the database transaction intelligence technology from ThinkNet Inc., a software development company based in Toronto.

The ThinkNet technology will give users of Pervasive.SQL the ability to see who did what when, where and how, officials said, with a continuous and auditable view of an applications database operations. It includes a logging plug-in, a query and analysis module, and a business rules engine. ThinkNet also can be set up to alert administrators to events using predefined business rules, as well as to report on database activity for purposes of analysis.

Products will roll out later this year, company officials said. Pricing information will be released at that time.

Terms of the all-cash acquisition were not disclosed. Pervasive estimated that acquisition costs, along with costs associated with technology integration and hybrid product creation, will come in at less than $1 million.

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