PGP Adds Encryption to IBM Mainframe, Midrange Platforms

The new PGP Command Line for SUSE Linux Enterprise brings encryption to the batch processing, backup and network transfer level.

PGP announced on Feb. 13 its new PGP Command Line for the IBM zSeries and IBM iSeries platforms at the RSA Conference in San Jose, Calif.

The move allows organizations and financial institutions to extend encryption toward mainframe environments and IBM-based midrange platforms.

Slated for release on March 1, PGP Command Line for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on both IBM zSeries and IBM iSeries platforms will be priced starting at $7,500 for a single runtime license.

Support for IBM z/OS, i5/OS and OS/400, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, will be released later this year, according to Kevin Bocek, senior product marketing manager for PGP, based in Palo Alto, Calif.

PGP Command Line allows users to push encryption down into batch processing, backup and network transfer operations. The file format product is compatible with PGP Desktop and server products and can utilize existing backup and shared security policies, as well as add in PGP encryption applications as required.

By using the softwares ADK (Additional Decryption Key) technology, customers can provide long-term accessibility of encrypted data to share information among trusted partners.

The companys future development plans involve the automation of its PGP encryption processes to seamlessly fit into existing workflows, Bocek said.

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By adding IBM mainframe and SUSE Linux support to its PGP Command Line portfolio, PGP is helping larger-sized customers corral "hub and spoke" models of closing out daily or monthly transactions by bridging PGP encryption across the mainframe, to distributed server systems, down to the enterprise desktop level.

Owned by Network Associates from 1997-2002, the PGP product line and its assets were bought back and remade into an independent PGP company by former PGP executives, developers and patent holders, who raised $14 million in funding.

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