Quovadx to Unify Technology

Quovadx Inc. plans to unify the technology in a major release of its QDX technology platform late this year.

Quovadx Inc., which has quietly built up a stable of business automation and integration software, plans to unify the technology in a major release of its QDX technology platform late this year.

QDX X will provide a unified interface to the three technologies that Quovadx gained from three acquisitions—the Cloverleaf enterprise application integration engine gained from Healthcare.com, business process automation software gained from Confer Software Inc. and a Unix emulation offering from the Pixel Group.

The QDX platform provides an architecture for building composite applications that, because they are XML-based, can be mixed and matched as Web services. This also enables reuse of the application data and business logic in new software, such as portals. In addition, it taps into legacy applications, officials said.

"This has an entirely Toy Story interface," said Lorine Sweeney, president and CEO of Quovadx. "This is for the developer and for some sophisticated business process users."

Health Net Inc.s Federal Services division began deploying Quovadx software late last year to unify access to a variety of claims and medical management systems. The two main goals of the initiative were to automate as many processes as possible and to integrate the various applications, said Kimberly Morgan, vice president of health care services.

With Quovadx, the various patient record, disease management, case management and other systems are linked so that if a user enters data in one, a trigger can alert him or her to a ramification in another, Morgan said.

"They really take the guesswork away from the users to fill out a piece of paper," said Morgan, in Rancho Cordova, Calif. "We are able to capture more potential candidates for our services."

In addition to the QDX upgrade, Quovadx is expanding beyond its focus on software for health care and life sciences companies. Next quarter, the Englewood, Colo., company will roll out two composite applications, called Adaptive Frameworks, for the financial services vertical market.