Reader Response: This eWEEK

Readers respond to Stan Gibson's May 5 commentary.

Dear Stan,

I just read your commentary in the May 5, 2003 edition of eWEEK. Its not obvious to me whether you were kidding or not, so Im a little perturbed by your statement regarding spammers: "Should we care about defending the rights of unpopular minorities (spammers)?" Excuse me, but isnt being a member of a minority group something that one cannot do something about? Such as the color of ones skin or their ethnicity? Please explain how being a spammer makes one a member of a minority group? Please also explain how these peoples rights need to be protected any more than other people who dont send millions of pieces of unsolicited email?

When I was a child, my friends and I sometimes liked to ring neighbors doorbells and run away. This annoyed the neighbors immensely. Does that make me a member of a minority group? I have certain tastes in decorations and culture. Does that also make me a member of a minority group that needs special protection?

If your statement was simply stated tongue in cheek, then I apologize for the rant. Just let me know youre not an idiot liberal.

Ed Secco