Readers Respond: Toll Lane Ahead for Internet Traffic?

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "Toll Lane Ahead for Internet Traffic?"

The net-neutrality threat is really about access and not the public cloud (May 1, "Toll Lane Ahead for Internet Traffic?") There are no ISPs that can mess with a private IP network. Enterprise IT managers, extend your Ethernet WANs to common interconnection points and peer with the other enterprises and ASPs. Own your own access, and bypass the Internet and the threats. Youll have a safer network for it, too.

Hunter Newby
Chief Strategy Officer
The Telx Group

I do not think the telephone companies should be allowed to extort money from business or consumers.

It seems to me that AT&T is flexing its greedy fingers and trying to control the Internet and make it in its own fashion. Kind of reminds me of when AT&T was broken up. Now, with the mergers that have taken place, it has more clout again.

John Everett