Readers Respond: Wide-Open Web? Think Again

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "Wide-Open Web? Think Again."

Private, purpose-built, application-specific Internets are already under way (Eric Lundquists Up Front, "Wide-Open Web? Think Again," Feb. 13).

Enterprise peering is taking shape in the same way that ISP peering did in the 90s. It is now about simple, off-the-shelf technologies, such as Ethernet, that mature MIS and IT departments are very familiar with.

Inherent security through a network-based gated community is a good cure for spam, and private broadband highways are much better for corporate video peering than the public cloud.

What Google is doing will change the entire business concept of the telecom carrier and ISP, but many enterprises will find that it is very easy to build and manage their own Nets.

Hunter Newby
Chief Strategy Officer
The Telx Group