RFP Showdown

Are You A Smart Partner?

Participate in our RFP Showdown and your expert advice could appear in our Dec. 1 issue. Deadline for submissions is Wed., Nov. 15. Participation is simple. Simply examine the following RFP and send your recommendations (about 600 words) to [email protected]. Use the subject line "RFP Showdown." Be sure to include your name, title, company and daytime phone number within the message body. All submissions become the property of Ziff Davis Media. Your contact information will remain confidential. If we like your written proposal well be in touch. So, without further delay, heres our latest RFP.

Dear Solutions Provider,

A regional video store with five branch locations wants to automate its systems and compete more effectively with the big boys (like Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video). The regional chain seeks a networked point-of-sale system for each of its five stores. The network solution should include:

  • Two point-of-sale registers/checkout systems per store and related printers to generate customer receipts, etc.
  • A database/accounting system solution that spans each store. The solution should keep track of video/DVD/video game/misc. inventory (several thousand products per store), and should tabulate daily rental and revenue information.
  • Ideally, the database/accounting solution should gather data from all five stores to keep track of overall business performance.
  • Internet support, to allow customers to check video availability/real-time store inventory from home.
  • It is safe to assume that the customer will need to completely replace its current cash register system.
  • Please included estimated costs for hardware, software, Internet services and your consulting services.

Last-minute checklist:

  • Did you include "RFP Showdown" in the subject line of your email to [email protected]?
  • Did you include your name, title, company and daytime phone number within the message body?
  • Does your proposal address each of the numbered requirements, as outlined above?

Thanks again for your submission.