SAP To Support J2EE App Server

SAP, at its TechEd developers conference next week, will introduce a new, more open SAP Web application server that embraces J2EE, and down the road will support .Net.

SAP AG chief executive Hasso Plattner will unveil the enterprise software companys next big technology vision next week at its developer conference in Los Angeles.

The centerpiece will be a new, more open SAP Web application server that at its core embraces Sun Microsystems Inc.s J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition). Down the road, the app server will support Microsoft Corp.s .Net architecture, as well, officials acknowledged.

The Walldorf, Germany, companys platform will feature a J2EE-certified app serve created by SAP subsidiary In-My-Q GmbH.

While an open app server from SAP is news in itself, the bigger implication is that as SAP incorporates a component-based architecture into its here-to-for closed app server, it is tacitly providing full support for Web Services.

Because SAP has for decades developed applications using its own proprietary language, Advanced Business Application Programming, or ABAP, the new server will maintain that architecture while incorporating J2EEs component-based structure.