Show Floor Roundup: 802.11 Planet

The 802.11 Planet Spring Conference and Expo 2003 is taking place June 25–27 in Boston. Read on for the latest show news on Wi-Fi enterprise applications, utilization and business. Birdstep, TerraWave Partner on Wireless Access Software (Interne

Birdstep, TerraWave Partner on Wireless Access Software

Birdstep Technology and TerraWave Solutions have teamed up to provide wireless LAN infrastructure software to Wi-Fi resellers. Under the agreement, TerraWave will distribute Birdsteps IP Zone Server and Intelligent Mobile IP Client to resellers deploying wireless networks for Internet service providers and hotspot operators.

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Bridgewater Supports Windows

Bridgewater Systems, a provider of dynamic IP and data service fulfillment and assurance solutions, has announced a Microsoft Windows version of its Wi-Fi Service Manager product. Wi-Fi Service Manager enables carriers to centrally monitor and manage thousands of enterprise sites, while providing secure, controlled access to enterprise WLANs for employees and visitors. Wi-Fi Service Manager minimizes on-site visits and service calls through remote configuration and proactive fault management.

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Network Chemistry Unveils Neutrino 802.11b Monitoring System

Network Chemistry, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup announced an 802.11b monitoring system that can detect and report network attacks. The Neutrino Sensor is similar in look and feel to an access point, and is deployed around a network in a similar fashion, said Chris Waters, CEO of Network Chemistry. The sensors monitor and analyze all 802.11 packets and report results back to network administrators via a management console running on a Windows- or Linux-based computer. Waters said Neutrino sensors work completely autonomously, and can detect common problems such as rogue access points, access points with default security or performance settings, and overloaded access points.

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Pocket PC Makers Launch New Windows Mobile-Based Devices

When Microsoft took the wraps off its new Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs on Monday, hardware partners old and new lined up to announce their support for the new operating system. Hewlett-Packard led the way with four new iPaq models based on the new OS. Each of the new devices features built-in Bluetooth technology and includes mobile printing software to allow customers to wirelessly print to a Bluetooth-enabled printer.

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Nomadix Supports Hotspots

Public-access solution provider Nomadix, Inc. has announced a new version of its Network Service Engine software, providing enhanced features for mobile operators. The latest version of the software delivers enhanced roaming, security, high-availability and increased billing and management capabilities for large-scale deployments of Wi-Fi Public-access networks. This software release will be available on the Nomadix family of Access Gateways and available for license as an embedded software solution.

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Newbury Ships New Watchdog

Newbury Networks announced the 2.0 version of WiFi Watchdog, its location-based security software that lets network administrators see who is on their wireless network and exactly where they are. The software, which is a J2EE server-based application that runs in conjunction with Newburys LocaleSever and LocalePoint appliances, detects all the wireless nodes on a network and can identify rogues or intruders and instantly alert administrators.

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