Skype 5.0 Gets Social

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Skype 5.0 Gets Social

Skype 5 for Windows adds new social networking features through an integration with Facebook that allows users of both services to view Facebook feeds, wall posts and contact details within Skype. Users can also update their Facebook status message directly from Skype, and automatically update the Skype mood field at the same time. Skype sucks in Facebook contact phone numbers, making it simple to call Facebook contacts from Skype without dialing. Skype 5 also includes a 28-day trial of the Skype multi-party video calling service, allowing multiple users to join the same video chat - provided everyone is upgraded to the latest software. Skype 5 also adds new troubleshooting tools, helping users suss out microphone, webcam or network quality issues. Skype will also automatically redial if an in-progress call is dropped. For the full review of Skype 5.0, check out Skype 5.0 for Windows. To...

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Facebook Integration

Skype 5 adds a connection to FaceBook, allowing Skype users to update status, post to my Wall, and access the Facebook contact directory for quick calls.

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Facebook Phonebook

Skype can directly call any Facebook friends that include phone numbers in their profile. Of course, a SkypeOut subscription or per call charges will apply, since these contact numbers are likely off Skype's network.

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Facebook News Feed

Skype users can examine their Facebook News feed within Skype and post status updates (which can be copied to the Skype mood field as well).

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Multiparty Video

Skype 5 includes a 28-day free pass to use the beta of Skypes multiparty video call service.

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Add Callers to Multiparty Video

The call interface for multiparty video looks a little different than the regular Skype interface, but I could still easily access my Skype contact list.

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Skype 5 adds a number of easy-to-follow instructions to deal with various call quality issues.

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Latest and Greatest Required

To participate in multiparty video calls, all participants must be upgraded to the latest version, leaving Mac and mobile users out in the cold temporarily.

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Automatic Retries

If a call fails for any reason, Skype 5 will automatically reconnect the call as soon as it is able.