SmartBear Launches Load Testing Tool for Web Developers

SmartBear Software adds a new load testing tool to its arsenal of products to help developers build, test and monitor applications.

SmartBear Software, a maker of tools to build, test and monitor software, has released LoadComplete, a new load testing tool.

SmartBear's LoadComplete helps users overcome load testing obstacles such as high licensing costs, complicated setup, lack of resources, and the time and cost associated with complex data diagnoses, the company said. LoadComplete employs an intuitive user interface so Web development teams can more easily pinpoint bottlenecks and track both client and server-side metrics directly impacting end-user experience.

"Load testing is a crucial part of ensuring the quality of Web applications," said Ian McLeod, executive vice president for products at SmartBear Software, in a statement. "Whether you're launching a new website, adding new functionality or third-party code to an existing site, upgrading infrastructure, or preparing for a major event or promotion, you need to know how your site will respond to the changes. LoadComplete will tell you how many users your website can handle before it breaks so you can avoid any disruptions to performance or revenue, and give you the visibility you need to understand any issues that do emerge. We're providing another affordable solution that will save software teams critical time prior to production while improving quality and customer satisfaction."

LoadComplete's release represents a key milestone in the build-out of the SmartBear Quality Anywhere Platform. The platform already includes an automated code review tool to help developers find and prevent bugs and performance problems during development; dynamic application profiling to eliminate performance bottlenecks; automated functional testing to validate application changes resulting from performance optimizations; application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to plan and manage change across the application lifecycle; and Web and mobile performance management tools to ensure quality in production, SmartBear officials said. Other tools in the SmartBear platform are TestComplete and QAComplete.

LoadComplete provides automatic recording of user scenarios to create load tests without scripting, as well as customizable load profiles to set up representative load variations for different periods of usage, including steady load, ramp-up and custom load shaping. The new software also delivers configurable quality of service thresholds to set performance acceptance criteria directly related to end-user experience, and a data wizard to expand tests with prepared or automatically generated data sets corresponding to different virtual users.

In addition, LoadComplete's automatic server-side monitoring identifies weak spots on the Web server side and ensures the infrastructure can handle an application's demands. And the product's real-time graphical test reports visually correlate changes in error rate, response time and throughput with variations in load for timely in-depth performance analysis, the company said.

LoadComplete is the latest addition to the SmartBear Quality Anywhere Platform. Current TestComplete users will have the ability to leverage already designed test scripts for load testing in LoadComplete's testing environment. And used together with QAComplete, these three tools provide affordable and comprehensive test management to ensure quality performance at all stages of Web application development and delivery.

LoadComplete is available for developers to purchase or download a free 30-day trial at