Snap Boosts Speed in Midrange NAS

Snap focuses on speed in upgrade to its popular midrange product, the Snap Server 4400.

Snap Appliance Inc. Monday announced an upgrade to its popular midrange product, the Snap Server 4400, focusing on speed.

The new version, Snap Server 4500, uses a Pentium 4 instead of the older Pentium 3, officials said.

"We get better performance out of this Pentium 4 than a comparable S.A.K. product, we will be doing competitive reports," Product Manager Jim Sherhart said, referring to Microsoft Corp.s Server Appliance Kit.

To further increase the Linux-based network-attached storage units performance, the 1U device comes with 512MB of double data rate memory, or with 1GB as an option, and both configurations can be doubled or tripled, Sherhart said. The 4400 models also had that functionality, but it wasnt officially supported, and it wasnt the newer DDR variety, he said.

Other features from the San Jose, Calif., spin-off of Quantum Corp. include Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, RAID protection, and hot swappable hard drives.

Software upgrades earlier this year gave Snap Server devices a copy of Islandia, N.Y.-based Computer Associates International Inc.s eTrust anti-virus application. The 4500s software is unchanged, but future plans include two-way server synchronization and a Java multi-unit management console, Sherhart said.

The 4500 costs $4,295 for 480GB of storage, or $5,795 for 720GB, both shipping this month.

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