Sniffing Out Network Problems

Network Associates bolstered its Sniffer product line with new tools for managing network performance and security.

In an effort to add some of its core security expertise to its Sniffer Technologies product line, Network Associates Inc. on Tuesday unveiled its Network Performance Orchestrator technology. The system is designed to give administrators a centralized view of their networks performance and security.

The nPO system is built on the Sniffer Enterprise Management Architecture, and at the time of its initial release will comprise two appliances: nPO Manager and nPO Visualizer.

The nPO Manager box has centralized authentication functionality, as well as configuration management, profile management, resource management and alarm management. It also is compatible with network-management solutions from third-party vendors.

The second appliance, nPO Visualizer, is designed to provide detailed reports on a variety of performance and security metrics, including bandwidth use, global statistics, top security alarms and usage trends. Reports can be scheduled to run at regular intervals or on demand. Sniffer has designed the Visualizer reports to make any piece of data available in no more than two clicks, said Dave Tripier, product line manager for Sniffer Technologies at Network Associates in Santa Clara, Calif.

The Sniffer product line traditionally has been focused on network management functions, but NAI executives in the last year have talked often about adding security and other functionality to the devices. The nPO announcement is one of the first demonstrations of that philosophy to hit the market.

The nPO products will be available in the fourth quarter.

NAI also announced the creation of its new Expert Service group, which will provide nPO customers with deployment, usage and management consulting services.

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