Sprints New Dual-Protocol Phones

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Sprints New Dual-Protocol Phones

Sprints Blend phone will make calls on the companys CDMA network and use Nextels iDEN service for push-to-talk. The Blend is aimed at consumers and is smaller and lighter than its other family members.Photo: Sprint Nextel

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Sprints New Dual-Protocol Phones - Using the Blend

Sprint executives say that they expect Telenavs navigation service to be the most popular application added to the new Blend device. Pressing the push-to-talk button connects you to Nextels iDEN network, while dialing a number will use Sprints CDMA net

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Sprints New Dual-Protocol Phones - Moving Upscale with the Buzz

The Buzz is a slightly more expensive, more upscale model that features ruggedness meeting military standards, as well as a few added features such as the external screen. The Buzz is bulkier than its sibling, but its tougher.Photo: Sprint Nextel

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Sprints New Dual-Protocol Phones - Push to Talk

Sprints Buzz will use both Sprints CDMA cell network for voice calls and Nextels iDEN network for push-to-talk. The phone lets you keep calling lists for each.Photo: Sprint Nextel

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