Startup Amplifies WAN Throughput's iSurfJanus-RX provides dynamic load balancing for inbound and outbound traffic and backup of traffic flows across three connections.

A networking startup is tackling the need to load balance across WAN connections and provide backup capabilities in case a link fails. Inc.s iSurfJanus-RX family of Multi-Homed Router Expeditors, which began shipping this month, can support multiple private or public WAN links and access technologies, such as T-1, frame relay, ISDN, DSL, cable and wireless connections. Available in two models, the network devices, in their current release, provide dynamic load balancing for both inbound and outbound traffic and backup of traffic flows across as many as three connections, according to officials of the Fremont, Calif., company. The connections can be from multiple ISPs or access providers.

Additional capabilities are planned for later this year. In the third quarter, expects to add traffic and bandwidth management. By the fourth quarter, officials said, the company will add capabilities to recover from distributed-denial-of-service attacks.

The RX model is targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises; the RX-VPN incorporates an option for connecting to a virtual private network for branch office deployments. The RX has a list price of $3,495; the RX-VPN lists for $4,995.

Both models include three 10/100 Ethernet WAN ports and a single 10/100 Ethernet LAN port. They also incorporate static routing and a stateful firewall.