SteelEye Launches Protection Suite

SteelEye introduces virtual protection on both VMware and Citrix virtualization platforms.

By: Arnaud Dimberton

Cannes--SteelEye launched a tool allowing customers to manage the clustering of physical and virtual servers on a single console. SteelEye Protection Suite, introduced Feb. 28 at VMworld here, can be deployed on VMware Infrastructure 3 and Citrix Xen Server.

SteelEye Protection Suite pour Citrix XenServer guarantees uptime for the Xen virtualized environment and includes data replication and high availability technology allowing customers to monitor and, if needed, restore an entire Xen environment.

The application works adds advanced data replication and high availability tools to completement existing tools in VMware HA and VMware Consolidated Backup, allowing customers to automatically restore each component within a VMware Infrastructure 3 environment.

While VMware protects virtual machines from hardware failures, the LifeKeeper application from SteelEye protects VMs from system or software failures.
LifeKeeper manages applications and peripheral software such as drivers, IP addresses and APIs, ensuring than any incident is automatically detected and corrected.

Restoration can include an application reboot within the same virtual machine, migration of an application to another virtual machine on the same physicals server, or to a VM on another physical server.

The company did not release pricing information at press time.