Stratus, Double-Take Offer New Disaster Recovery Services

The companies target enterprises where continuous availability of business and production services is critical.

Stratus Technologies and Double-Take Software announced April 3 that they have released a new set of disaster recovery services that will help enterprises to protect and recover important business applications from outages, natural disasters and other troublesome events.

Double-Takes recovery software integrates real-time replication and failover technologies. The new services from Stratus and Double-Take target enterprises where continuous availability of business and production services is critical, such as in the banking and financial services, public safety, manufacturing and health care industries.

"These are services that are intended to address business challenges such as improving performance and sustaining competitive advantage; protecting the integrity of critical business information and operations; reducing complexity of operations management; and improving the effectiveness of business information systems," Mike Everett, services product marketing manager for Maynard, Mass.-based Stratus, told eWEEK.

The new disaster recovery services feature real-time data replication and failover for Windows Advanced Server Edition, which is data protection software that continuously replicates over any shared IP-based LAN or WAN.

The new offering from Stratus and Double-Take also includes Recovery Option, which is server recovery software that allows businesses to recover quickly after an unplanned event, and Application Availability, software that allows businesses to move applications to another location in case of a failure.

"Ensuring business continuity is central to the viability of companies today as threats to business critical operations and data integrity are numerous," Everett said.

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The disaster recovery services from Stratus and Double-Take also provide users with an add-on software module that replicates the operating system, applications and data to an image server while also providing enterprises with failover protection during local and regional failures.

According to Everett, the benefit of using these services is that it provides constant access to critical applications, avoids service disruptions caused by data loss, and recovers workflows and systems quickly after an interruption, in addition to simplifying back-up and recovery processes.

"Stratus can assist customers with assessing needs, recommending a solution, implementing that solution and managing it on an ongoing basis," Everett said.

The disaster recovery services from Stratus and Double-Take Software are available now. Double-Take for Windows Advanced Server Edition is priced at $4,995, while Double-Take Server Recovery Option is priced at $595.

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