Sun Continues Quest to Provide Linux Apps Under Solaris

Execs say Sun's support of Xen virtualization isn't slowing down the company's Project Janus efforts to run Linux applications in Solaris containers.

Recent technology moves toward virtualization have led some industry insiders to question Suns commitment to letting users run Linux applications under Solaris. However, executives say the company isnt backing off its home-grown efforts.

Project Janus, recently renamed the LAE (Linux Application Environment), will enable Linux application compatibility as an optional Solaris kernel service.

Recently, however, Sun Microsystems Inc. started working with Xen, a popular open-source virtual-machine project. Superficially, LAE and Xen provide almost identical services.

However, Tom Goguen, vice president of platforms software, assured users in a recent interview with Ziff Davis Internet News that while Sun is very interested in Xen, its not abandoning Janus.

"Were continuing to work on that technology. In particular, were working on making it work with containers. So, for example, with a Janus container for Linux you could run a Linux application."

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In November, John Loiacono, Sun executive vice president for software, said support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and above will arrive first.

Later, however, users will be able to "have five containers with five different distributions, including Red Hat Linux, running right beside SuSE Linux and Mandrake Linux all on one copy of Solaris, and they will all be firewalled from each other," he told eWEEK.

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That vision may need to wait for a while, though. "Right now, were working on getting a Janus technology preview out this year," Goguen said.

At this point, Goguen said, he cant give a hint on when Janus will appear.

"Were in a replan right now about our Solaris 10 updates. Since there have been no major security problems, were not in a major rush to get an update out now."

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