SUSE Linux to Speed Up Real-Time Trading

Novell partners with Voltaire on a software package, featuring real-time SUSE Linux, designed to improve financial market applications. (Linux-Watch)

Novell the week of June 18 announced that it has entered into an agreement with server and storage switch vendor Voltaire on a joint software package—featuring real-time SUSE Linux—that improves performance of real-time trading applications in the financial markets.

The new software, which takes advantage of InfiniBand interconnectivity, reduces latency bottlenecks on both the operating system level and the data center fabric, a Voltaire spokesperson said from the company headquarters in Billerica, Mass.

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In addition, the software features comprehensive support for both the operating system and InfiniBand capabilities, allowing customers to take advantage of improved performance and the highest levels of availability, the spokesperson said.

The combined hardware/software package consists of SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time, Voltaire Grid Backbone InfiniBand-based switching hardware, OpenFabrics Enterprise Edition 1.2 InfiniBand software and additional enterprise-focused functionality from Voltaire.

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