Syspro Launches Quantum Architecture ERP Software

The Quantum Architecture embeds four key components for managing hardware, software, data and process diversity.

Enterprise resource planning software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization specialist Syspro launched a four-part architectural platform that offers business capabilities for small and midsize business manufacturers and distributors. Called Quantum Architecture, the company's framework leads on from the Syspro USA "Einstein" strategy, designed to solve problems that have affected ERP solutions.

Parallel to Einstein's Quantum theory of matter and energy, the company said it is targeting six business "matters": ERP implementation, communications/reporting, workflow processes, security issues, regulatory/financial change and mobile/cloud requirements. The Quantum Architecture embeds four key components for managing hardware, software, data and process diversity.

First off is a multisource, single repository architectural map, which models the technology framework for a holistic view of all information assets, implementation blueprints, role definitions, customization requirements, unique configurations, XML outputs, master data management and analytical capabilities for impact and value analysis. For example, companies have a single-source "aerial view" of their entire ecosystem, enabling the ability to view any part at the highest level or to drill down into the details at any point. In addition, the requirements of each role within the organization can be defined, visualized and blueprinted for compliance, training and validations.

Second comes high-definition data collaboration modeling, which provides end-to-end alignment of both structured and unstructured data housed in all entities for either strategic actions or unique processes. For example, this lets companies define and analyze the data requirements needed to support their business processes from multiple data sources and multiple companies.

Next are preconfigured, multilayer process/workflows-highly sophisticated modeling, including all menus, submenus, screens and panes to support all data structures. These workflows create patterns of use, functionality, configuration and best practices for critical areas like credit checking or pricing.

Lastly are embedded role-based enterprise performance management (EPM) analytics, reports and measurement, an evolutionary approach designed to react to changing metrics, roles, regulatory/financial requirements or any other business condition faced every day by SMB manufacturers and distributors. For example, predefined and user-defined metrics can be embedded in the blueprint of the organization to allow for the real-time monitoring of information as well as real-time notifications as the business climate changes.

"We are advancing the concept of ERP solutions from the traditional to collaborative, real-time management of multiple business, information and IT assets," explains Brian Stein, CEO of Syspro USA. "It appears that the large ERP vendors do not understand the variables and complexities unique to the SMB manufacturing/distribution segment the way Syspro does. This group of buyers has always been Syspro's sweet spot, and this breakthrough framework will be an invaluable support for small companies as they navigate through all of the complexities, challenges and opportunities in this changing global market."