Tamino XML Server Searches Non-XML Docs

Software AG's upgraded server includes a new indexing tool for metadata searches on non-XML documents, as well as features phonetic searches and retrieved text highlighting.

Software AG Inc. is releasing an upgrade of its Tamino XML Server that includes a new indexing tool for metadata searches on non-XML documents such as Microsoft Corp. Word and Sun Microsystems Inc. StarOffice files, the company announced Tuesday.

Tamino XML Server 4.1.4s Non-XML Indexer is a plug-in module that extends Taminos set of searchable metadata to include non-XML documents author, creation date, date last modified or file size. Besides Word and StarOffice files, the module can also create indices for OpenOffice, plain-text, MP3, RTF and ZIP files.

The update also acquired phonetic searches. This search type returns documents containing phonetic equivalents to search terms, thereby negating the need for correctly spelled terms. For example, a search on the word "site" will also return results for "sight."

In addition, Tamino XML Server 4.1.4 features retrieved text highlighting. Elements of the found text that match elements of the users query are now highlighted, easing evaluation of search results.

The update also has a new API for C that allows applications written in C or C++ to access Tamino without the need to go through a Web server. Also, any programming language that permits external C routines to be called can take advantage of functionality provided by the API.

Tamino XML Server 4.1.4 is available now for Windows 2000/XP Pro, Linux (Intel systems and S/390), HP-UX, Sun Solaris 8, and IBM AIX 5.1 and 5.2. A Sun Solaris 9 edition will ship later this month. The softwares retail price is $45,000 per CPU.

Software AG Inc., based in Reston, Va., is a subsidiary of Software AG, of Darmstadt, Germany.