The Lights Are On, But Nobodys Home

Bureaucrats have finally gotten hip to "The New Economy." Too bad the rest of us moved on months ago.

No wonder Massachusetts Route 128 fell off the technology road map. A government-sponsored road show to promote technology leadership is called the Dot.Commonwealth Coalition, and its latest pit stop, in Worcester, is featuring a program titled "Accelerating the New Economy."

Didnt anyone mention to those state bureaucrats that the phrases "dot-com" and "New Economy" are now roadkill?

Maybe next month theyll launch a special conference exploring "The Information Super Highway." Oh, and dont forget to give "Virtual Reality" a try. Hey, we hear "Push" technology is ready to make a comeback. Somebody call Pointcast.

Do we sound harsh? Consider this: Local companies featured at a recent Dot.Commonwealth event included incubator Blackstone Technologies;, a mosaic tile production system; and, a company that applies "state-of-the-art technology to simplify the process of purchasing lightbulbs," according to the coalitions press release. Huh? To quote David Letterman: "Just bulbs?"