Touching on the Future

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Touching on the Future

Intel staff demonstrated these 27-inch high-performance touch-screen desktop computers from Hewlett-Packard, which are only about 1-inch thick and relatively lightweight. These devices—powered by new 22-nm Xeon chips—are aimed at graphic artists but also can be used in a number of ways, even for children's educational apps.

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Musical Computers

The same 27-inch HP monitor, powered by the new Intel 22-nm Xeon processors, enables a life-size piano keyboard application in this instance. It's not quite a "post-PC" world just yet.

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Win 8 With Dual Dell Monitors

These 23-inch monitors running on a Dell desktop PC were demonstrating the benefits of the upcoming Windows 8 upgrade at the IDF show. Lots of people stopped by to take the new OS for a ride, and most of them came away impressed.

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Game Development Gets Plenty of Attention

This Toshiba laptop, running Intel Xeons, was set up specifically for game application development, as well as game playing. Some new beta development platforms, such as this one from Creative, were loaded and tested by developers at the show.

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Lightweight With Heavyweight Capabilities

This little 2-pound Acer notebook running Windows 8 was emblematic of a large number of competing machines showing off their looks and wares at the conference.

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Post-PC Era? Not Quite Just Yet

Phones and laptops earned the most attention at IDF this year, thanks to the new Intel 22-nm Xeon chips going into all of the ones on display. Battery power has been extended, due to the lower power requirements of these processors; the machines run quieter (you don't hear fans at all anymore); and they run much cooler. Yet they are faster, and users can do more things at once.

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Lenovos First Atom-Powered Android Smartphone

This new Lenovo phone looks similar to many of its competitors, such as the Samsung Galaxy, Google Asus Nexus or any number of others. But this is one of the first four now on the market to use the new Intel Xeon Atom processor, which is the fastest and most power-efficient one now available.

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Indias Xolo Atom Phone

You may not have heard of the company, but India-based Lava showed its first Atom-power smartphone at the show. It features 16GB storage, 1GB RAM, a 4.03-inch screen length (a tad larger than the new iPhone 5), among many other selling points.

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Frances Orange San Diego Android

This new smartphone also features the larger-than-iPhone 5 screen size of 4.03 inches, the high-performance Atom CPU (1.6GHz), 16GB storage, 1GB RAM and other go-to benefits.

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ZTE Grand X IN Android Smartphone

This one has the largest screen of them all, 4.3 inches from top to bottom, plus all the other features that Intel's Atom processor can bring. It also includes two cameras, lightweight frame and many more amenities.

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