Tripwire Upgrades Network Security Tool

Tool adds Web-based management interface and increased support for XML.

Tripwire Inc. on Monday unveiled a new version of its Tripwire for Network Devices security software, which now includes a Web-based management interface and the ability to output reports with XML data.

Version 2.5 of the monitoring software also includes the Product Resource Center, which enables customers to download "device kits" to help them monitor a wider range of network devices.

Tripwire for Network Devices utilizes an approach to network security similar to the "white list" philosophy that is gaining a lot of support in the intrusion detection/intrusion prevention market. Instead of trying to define what unacceptable behavior is, the system defines what is acceptable and treats everything else as bad.

Tripwire for Network Devices is a network-based monitoring package that records each devices baseline configuration and detects and alerts administrators about any change in the configuration.

If a change is detected, the system displays the new configuration side-by-side with the last good configuration, showing exactly what has been modified. The administrator can then restore the affected device to its last known good state. The software also keeps a detailed log of every user who interacts with each device and what action each user takes.

The new Web-based management interface enables administrators to manage all of their networked security devices from any computer. And the increased support for XML now allows users to export Tripwire reports to popular XML-based reporting applications.

Tripwire is based in Portland, Oregon.