Ubuntu Founder Urges Linux Patch and Bug Collaboration

Ubuntu's founder urges Linux and open-source developers to develop tools that allow collaboration across platforms to better seek and destroy software bugs. (Linux-Watch)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—When Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder and CEO of Canonical Ltd., spoke at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit at the Googleplex, he didnt talk about Ubuntu, patents, or hardware vendor partnerships.

Instead he devoted his keynote speech to the importance of collaboration in fixing bugs and getting timely patches out to Linux users.

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Shuttleworth opened by saying that today we are engaged in a conflict of ideas.

"Its not about Red Hat vs. Microsoft or open source fans vs. the evil empire, any more than the Cold War was about the U.S. vs. the Soviet Union. The conflict is really about ideas."

Open source has the power of collaboration, which in turn gives Linux and other open-source programs far greater speed in innovation.

On the other hand, our "enemy has far more capital than we do. Our key advantage is that we have the better innovation pipeline."

Now, Shuttleworth continued, "To glue our pipeline together, we need tools. Collaboration is an easy term to say, but its hard to do. We often dont know who to talk to upstream, so the question is: how can we make collaboration better?"

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