UltraStor RS16 IP-4

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UltraStor RS16 IP-4

Enhance Technology's UltraStor RS16 IP-4 is designed for effective storage deployment and management across standard Ethernet infrastructures, providing solid performance and RAID protection, as well as an easy-to-use interface for centralized IP SAN storage.www.enhance-tech.com/products/ultrastor/rs16-iscsi-4.html

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Alpha Five 10

Alpha Software's Alpha Five 10 adds Codeless Ajax, providing developers with the ability to drag and drop components to visually design Web forms and applications that work entirely in the cloud but run as fast as desktop apps. The program eliminates the need for development code and allows organizations to simply and cost-effectively launch impressive-looking desktop and Web applications. blog.alphasoftware.com

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PerspectiveScriptLogic's Perspective, a full-featured, end-to-end network management system, allows IT administrators to centrally monitor network bandwidth; numerous characteristics about network servers, desktops and other devices; and the performance of network-dependent services. Offering a simple approach to network management that is provided on a modern software architecture, Perspective also can monitor and manage nonstandard network devices. Key features include application monitoring; log file management; network traffic analysis; virtual and cloud network monitoring; and comprehensive reporting, alerting and setting of performance baselines. www.scriptlogic.com

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ScrumWorks Pro 4.3

Danube's ScrumWorks Pro builds on the Scrum agile software development framework, allowing users to actively manage the product release cycle while also monitoring progress at the team level. ScrumWorks Pro 4.3 includes improvements to the tool's Sprint Burndown Chart, Team Member Load Report and filtering with Themes. According to company officials, this release?ö?ç?the third upgrade since ScrumWorks Pro 4 was launched in August 2009 represents Danube's commitment to responding quickly to customer feedback through the Danube Community Portal. danube.com/scrumworks

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DURAstream 1G

The new DURAstream 1G bypass switch from Datacom Systems provides protection for networks and the monitoring devices deployed on them. A DURAstream bypass switch, installed between the network and up to four network devices, prevents outages when a device malfunctions by diverting critical network traffic away from the affected device until it is once again operating normally. It uses real-time data-forwarding hardware to ensure line-rate throughput of critical voice and data flows. DURAstream's design not only protects against failures caused by device malfunction, but also enables maintenance and upgrades involving monitoring devices without the fear of network downtime. www.datacomsystems.com

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File Transfer Direct

Axway's File Transfer Direct enables file transfer for large files up to 50GB directly via an e-mail interface or Web-based client. File Transfer Direct is designed to minimize risk and liability by proactively monitoring e-mail attachments, tracks and confirms file and message delivery, and generates a complete audit trail for compliance. www.axway.com

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LifeBook UH900 Mini-Notebook

Weighing just 1.1 pounds, the LifeBook UH900 Multi-Touch Mini-Notebook features a multi-touch 5.6-inch bonded screen display and a two-finger touch experience for manipulating images, scrolling, panning and zooming into maps. It is powered by an Intel Atom Z-series processor and offers Windows 7 Home Premium. The product includes a built-in GPS receiver and integrated Garmin Mobile GPS Navigation. Other features include a 62GB solid-state drive, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, stereo microphone and ECO button for extending battery life. Prices start at $999. www.shopfujitsu.com/a>

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Codesion Professional Edition

The Codesion Professional Edition from Codesion (formerly CVSDude) offers secure, cloud-based source code management solutions for distributed development teams. This edition features a backup and recovery system that enables organizations to create automated backup schedules, sync online and in-house projects, and recover and reinstate repository backups on demand.It allows companies to create security roles to ensure uniform, centrally controlled access for all users. In addition, the edition seamlessly links code developed with Codesion to users' existing development systems. codesion.com/products/professional-edition.html#overview

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Adaptive Server Enterprise

Sybase's newest version of its high-performance, mission-critical enterprise database management system is the Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.5. New features include IMDBs (in-memory databases) and storage integration functionality. The IMDB option enables data virtualization and scaling, which are critical to meeting the needs of organizations with high data volumes and high concurrent users?ö?ç?whether deployed in public cloud or private data center environments. The ASE 15.5 IMDB is fully integrated within ASE, eliminating the need for application changes and providing flexibility that allows in-memory databases to be configured to meet application requirements. With the integration of the ASE Backup Server with IBM's TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager), ASE databases can be backed up on any TSM-supported media, thereby providing faster backups and restores with fewer network and storage resources...

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Kaviza VDI-in-a-box

Kaviza VDI-in-a-box delivers server-based VDI (virtual desktopinfrastructure) right out of the box. It automates desktop provisioning, connection brokering, load balancing, user management and high availability.The product's desktop-specific architecture delivers high availability and scaling without requiring expensive shared storage; eliminates 66 percent of VDI costs by running on inexpensive commodity hardware; reduces VDI complexity by providing a single management console that focuses on desktops and users, not virtualization details; and comes in at under $500 per desktop. www.kaviza.com/virtual-desktop-why-kaviza/why-kaviza.html

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ThinkPad X100e

The Lenovo ThinkPad X100e is an ultrathin laptop that weighs less than 3pounds, has a three-cell battery and offers 5.1 hours of battery life. Theunit is powered by AMD Turion Neo and AMD Athlon Neo processors, as well asVision Pro Technology for visual clarity and vibrant colors. This laptopalso includes power management features that help users reduce their carbonfootprint and save on energy costs.sites.amd.com/us/atwork/promo/lenovo/Pages/lenovo.aspx

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File Management Suite

The Novell File Management Suite is an integrated file storage solution thatprovisions, moves, optimizes and reports on file storage based on user rolesand customized business policies. The suite enables an organization to planfor and deploy an efficient, cost-effective storage infrastructure, as wellas execute on compliance and governance requirements.www.novell.com/products/file-management-suite/

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Spreadsheet Use Monitor

A subset of Lyquidity's ComplyXL Enterprise, the Spreadsheet Use Monitor is able to catalog and track spreadsheet changes across any number of file servers and folders. The products online reporting allows staff to see when and where spreadsheets are used and where changes are made, enablingmanagers to identify where SOX compliance and quality control efforts need to focus. In addition, ComplyXL provides version control for all of a company's workbooks. Managers can receive e-mail or IM notifications when spreadsheets are updated, and they can either approve changes or roll back to an earlier version. If desired, managers can use filters to focus on specific types of changes or changes to key ranges. www.lyquidity.com

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iTuple CRM application

xTuple's iTuple is an integrated CRM application for the Apple iPhone andiPod Touch. The application enables users to sync their iPhone or iPod Touch with their company's xTuple ERP database, including the CRM address book of contacts and corporate relationships and the personal to-do items assigned from within the CRM module. Users can call or e-mail CRM contacts by tappingthe live hyperlink on the iTuple record. Addresses in iTuple are alsointegrated with the Google Maps application.www.xtuple.com/xTuple-launches-iTuple-for-iPhone

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Optenet Solutions for Enterprise

A new version of Optenet's security suite solutions, Optenet Solutions forEnterprise Advanced Edition, consists of four key solutions: NetSecure,WebSecure, MailSecure and WebFilter. Updates include integrated securityservices that add IDS/IPS, traffic acceleration and caching, and an improvedanti-phishing engine and firewall to Web security, mail security and malwareprotection. Services are also delivered on the endpoint, as an agent,providing protection when users are not connected or in the cloud. Reportscan be produced in real time, and a new outgoing anti-spam filter protectsenterprises from spam generated internally, while also alerting enterprisesto a rogue machine or problem node in the network.www.optenet.com/en-us/products.asp

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