Versatel Edge Routing App Promises Cheaper, Higher-Quality Calls

The company's IQroute edge routing application for its EdgeIQ series of media gateways selects routing pathways based on call quality, cost and availability.

Versatel Networks Inc. is shipping a new edge routing application for its EdgeIQ series of media gateways that selects routing pathways based on a number of user-selectable criteria, including call quality, cost and availability.

With IQroute, the EdgeIQ can check carriers, including VOIP (voice over IP) providers and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), for available service, test the call quality on each and even select the PSTN if necessary to make sure that calls go through.

According to Thomas Howe, chief technology officer of the Hull, Quebec, company, IQroute can save money and improve call quality to the enterprises and carriers that use it. "We can route around one IP carrier and use another," Howe said. He noted that because EdgeIQ can even switch carriers on the fly in midcall, the product can prevent outages that might otherwise be unavoidable. "With IQroute, the Vonage outage would not have happened," Howe said.

"Normally these decisions are made inside the network," Howe said, referring to the normal practice of controlling network access from the PBX. He said that by moving the decision making to the edge, the device nearest the external network can actually check to see what the best choice might be before sending a call over a particular network.

IQroute can also provide added security to IP voice networks, according to Howe. "We can provide session border control functions," Howe explained. He said that IQroute can hide the topology of networks on either side from each other. In addition, IQroute is capable of translating between various flavors of SIP and differing media types.

The company said the IQroute application will collect billing information and is highly scalable. IQroute runs only on Versatels media gateways and is available now.


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