Versatel Unleashes VOIP Apps

A media gateway application called CallPods is likened to a "push-to-talk" feature, while an app called Wi-Fi Leaps aims to support dual-mode wireless/Wi-Fi phones.

Media gateway maker Versatel Networks will announce a new series of applications at VON (the Voice on the Net expo and conference) next week in Boston. The new applications include support for conferencing network edge, which in turn unloads the conferencing task from the PBX. CallPods, as the application is named, is likened to a "push-to-talk" feature. The second application, called "Wi-Fi Leap," is intended to support dual-mode wireless/Wi-Fi phones.

In addition, Gattineau, Montreal-based Versatel Networks Inc. is announcing IQScript, an application development framework for the IQ series of media gateways. IQScript is a Tcl (tool command language) designed to take advantage of open-source components.

IQScript is designed to allow service providers to meet customer needs quickly and easily using Versatels script-based language. Once the scripts are created, the resulting application can be run on the companys EdgeIQ gateways or offloaded to an external processor.

"Voice is quickly becoming a commodity," Versatel CEO Bob Mimeault said. He added that the ability to provide custom voice applications quickly and easily on the media gateway lets providers differentiate their product and give their customers better service.

IQScript gives providers some added tools, such as on-board call detail records and a RADIUS client, which can give those providers more flexibility in accounting and security. IQScript allows the applications it creates to be partitioned so that several applications—including those under development—can be run on the media gateway at the same time without fear of contention.

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CallPods, meanwhile, is a standalone application that allows providers to support instant voice communications activated either over the Web or by phone. Versatel refers to "pods" as predefined groups of colleagues, friends, workgroups or teams. Communications can take place over any combination of wireless, Wi-Fi, POTS or softphones. The company says that with the press of a single button, communication with the members of a pod can take place instantly.

The connections for this conferencing take place within the media gateway at the edge of the network, which reduces network traffic and offloads the conference call from the central PBX.

Wi-Fi Leap is aimed at combination wireless/Wi-Fi phones expected to start entering the market soon. The company says that when the products are delivered, users will have dynamic control over which service—wireless or Wi-Fi—they want to use. Versatel is aiming both packages at enterprises and service providers. Pricing has not been announced.

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