VOIP Operators Lose Another Round in 911 Fight

Federal appeals court will not delay the deadline for VOIP providers to implement adequate emergency dialing.

A federal court has refused to push back the deadline date for Internet phone operators to move towards a more adequate emergency dialing service.

The decision, by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, means VOIP (voice over IP) providers still face the Nov. 28 deadline to comply with some new federal 911 rules, or risk not being allowed to sign up new customers.

The Federal Communications Commission edicts are sure to have a deep impact on the burgeoning new industry for dispensing the software and hardware to turn Internet connections into inexpensive home phone lines.

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While the situation has improved dramatically, a majority of VOIP operators provide a 911 service in which calls often do not reach emergency dispatchers in the right area, or are redirected to the 911 call centers administrative offices.

The calls themselves arent accompanied by the callers location and telephone number, as required of calls over a cell or home phone.

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As part of a growing crackdown on the VOIP industry, the FCC now requires VOIP operators to supply a 911 service in which calls are accompanied by the callers number and location.

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