Work in Progress

Skype tests put rhythm in doubt.

As part of my recent testing of Wi-Fi Skype-based phones, I measured the talk-time battery performance of each device. I placed a single call between each Wi-Fi phone and a wired Skype client and monitored how long the connection stayed up and usable before the phone battery died.

To make a dreadfully boring test a little more interesting, I pumped music (via over the call by placing each devices microphone against a PC speaker. I listened to the tunes (my current favorite Pandora station is based primarily on the work of Sleater-Kinney) through the headset connected to the wired Skype client.

My colleague Cameron Sturdevant enjoyed making fun of me during the tests as I bopped along, seemingly way out of sync with the music. What Cameron didnt know was that, as I was listening to music transmitted over a Wi-Fi connection and out through the Skype network, there was enough latency on the connection to make what he heard significantly out of sync from what I was listening to.

He still refuses to believe me, but, Cameron, I swear I do have rhythm.