Xangati Gives Virtual Management a Real Advantage

Effective management is the key to delivering reliable services based upon virtual server technology. Xangati brings such tools to the table.

By: Frank Ohlhorst dnu

Managing an ESX or ESXi server can be a daunting task, especially when things go wrong. Administrators trying to troubleshoot thorny issues need an effective ally, a friend that can be counted on to always tell the truth-Xangati is aiming to be that trusted friend to administrators managing balky VMware ESX and ESXi servers. Xangati offers its management tool in different editions, such as the Xangati for ESX virtual appliance and Xangati Management Dashboard in Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions, to meet the needs of both small and large enterprises.

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According to the company, Xangati for ESX can be downloaded for a free 14-day trial or at an immediate cost of $299, while Xangati Management Dashboard Standard Edition is available for $4,999 and the Enterprise edition for $9,999. Xangati is also making available a Starter Kit at a discounted rate of $9,999, which includes Xangati for ESX for up to 20 hosts and Xangati Management Dashboard Enterprise Edition.

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Xangati's role in the virtual arena comes from an all too common problem faced by network administrators: needing to play detective to solve the various problems that seem to arise. While that situation may not be unique to those running VMware ESX and ESXi servers, those administrators face an additional challenge-a lack of integrated monitoring and management tools that offer a fast way to identify, track and ultimately solve the problem. Xangati's products aim to do just that.

I downloaded Xangati for ESX to take a look at what the product can offer a harried ESX administrator. Installation was straightforward and required only importing the virtual appliance, which comes as an .ovf file, onto my ESX server. Once the virtual appliance is launched, Xangati for ESX is accessed via a Web browser.

The product's main console offers a status view of all of the active virtual machines on the ESX server, along with the traffic traveling across the endpoints, locations, ports in use and many other critical, traffic-driven elements. With its aid, an administrator can rapidly determine how well a virtual infrastructure is performing.