Xbox 360 Video Game to Feature Voice Recognition Technology from Fonix

Fonix's voice services will now expand onto the Xbox 360 video game platform.

Fonix Speech announced Dec. 18 that a video game for the Xbox 360 video game console, Ubisofts Rainbow Six Vegas, will feature Fonix VoiceIn Game Edition, a voice recognition tool designed for video games.

The voice technology providers VoiceIn Game Edition lets game developers add voice recognition to video games without having to create specific speech technology.

Tim Hong, VP of Fonix Games, in Sandy, Utah, told eWEEK that "Fonix VoiceIn Game Edition is a specially designed software development kit (SDK) for game developers looking to add voice recognition interfaces to video games."

VoiceIn enables game developers to use a small amount of memory, leaving them with more available memory for graphics, audio and other features that are necessary to produce a quality video game.

This SDK also saves memory by allowing game developers to apply voice command and control features in games without having to use a large amount of processing power.

With the launch of Rainbow Six Vegas onto the Xbox 360 gaming platform, Fonixs voice recognition offering also has been featured on video games for Sonys PlayStation 2 and Microsofts Xbox and Windows platform.

Hong said he believes that voice recognition benefits video gamers in a multitude of ways. "By speaking or yelling voice commands, as is typically the case because video games can get pretty exciting, it increases the realism and fun of the game environment," he said.

Hong said a good example of this is EA (Electronic Arts) Sports NASCAR series, both on the Playstation 2 and Xbox gaming consoles, because with VoiceIn, "users can give commands to their pit crews, just as a real race-car driver would."

Hong went on to say that voice recognition also "provides an easy-to-use mode for game play, allowing hands-free operation of specific functions. We believe that this is not only convenient and user-friendly, but it expands the audience for video gaming, allowing older players as well as young players to play."

VoiceIn Game Edition is available now for game developers, and pricing will depend on how the game developer wants to customize the voice recognition features.